Reception -- Wednesday, April 17, 2002, 6pm - 8pm, Zehmer Hall
Banquet on Thursday, April 18, 2002, 1830-1930 (Reception) 1830-2130 (Banquet) at UVA Bayly Art Museum

Coffee/Registration 0800-0845 Thursday morning, April 18, 2002

Thursday morning, April 18, 2002 -- Plenary Session
Chair: D. Crabb
0845-0900 R. Sundberg (Associate Dean, University of Virginia) Welcome
0900-0910 G. Cates (Virginia) Welcome
0915-1000 X. Ji (Maryland) Introduction
1000-1045 J. Ralston (Kansas) Quark Orbital Angular Momentum in Inclusive and Exclusive Scattering
1045-1115 Coffee Break
Chair: X. Song
1115-1200 M. Perdekamp (BNL-Riken) Spin Physics at RHIC (experimental)
1200-1245 M. Jones (Jefferson Lab) Nucleon Form Factors using Spin Degrees of Freedom
1245-1400 Lunch Break

Thursday afternoon, April 18, 2002 -- New Initiatives
Chair: D. Day
1400-1440 J. Calarco (UNH) Overview of Spin Physics in BLAST
1440-1505 A. Saha (Jefferson Lab) MAD Spin Physics - is it crazy?"
1505-1530 Jason Seely (MIT) Measurement of the Proton Form Factors in BLAST
1540-1600 Coffee
Chair: G. Warren
1600-1630 Harut Avagyan (Jefferson Lab) Pion Electroproduction in Deep Inelastic Scattering at Jefferson Lab
1630-1650 K. McCormick (Jefferson Lab) A New Experiment to Measure GeN at High Momentum Transfer
1650-1705 Xiaodong Jiang (Rutgers University) A Proposed Measurement of the Neutron d_2^n Matrix Element.
1705-1735 Nilanga Liyanage (Virginia) Jefferson Lab 12 GeV Spin Program

Thursday afternoon, April 18, 2002 -- Polarized Beams and Targets
Chair: D. Crabb
1400-1430 T. Averett (W&M) Status of Polarized He3 targets
1430-1500 W. Meyer (Bochum) New Results with Polarized Solid Deuteron Targets
1500-1520 Ben Clasie (MIT) Nuclear Targets and Sources
1520-1540 Oscar Rondon (Virginia) Effective nucleon polarization in polarized targets
1540-1600 Coffee
Chair: G. Cates
1600-1635 Barbara von Przewoski (IUCF) Review of polarized, internal deuteron targets
1635-1650 A. Tobias (Virginia) Application of sol-gel coatings to high pressure polarized 3He nuclear targets
1650-1720 M. Lowry (BNL) Status and prospects for Polarized D with the Sphice HD Target System

Friday morning, April 19, 2002 --Plenary Session
Chair: W. Melnitchouk
0900-0945 H. Weigel (Tuebingen) Spin Structure Functions in Chiral Quark-Soliton Models
0945-1030 P. Bosted (Massachusetts) Experimental Aspects of Gluon Contributions to Spin Structure Functions
1030-1115 Coffee Break
Chair: H. Weber
1115-1200 A. Belitsky (Maryland) QCD Aspects; Twist 3 Extraction, Quark Spin Rotation in DVCS
1200-1245 M. Stratmann (Regensburg) Spin Physics at RHIC (Theoretical)
1245-1400 Lunch Break

Friday afternoon, April 19, 2002 -- Inclusive, Exclusive and Semi-inclusive Asymmetries
Chair: O. Rondon
1400-1430 K. Oganessian (INFN, DESY) Azimuthal asymmetries in semi-inclusive DIS: Are they interrelated?
1430-1500 J. Lichtenstadt (Tel Aviv) Where is the Nucleon Spin? The Spin Structure of the Nucleon After a Decade of Measurements
1500-1515 Paul McKee (Virginia) Status of the RSS experiment on the deuteron
1515-1540 B. Norum (Virginia) Experimental program at HIGS
1540-1600 Coffee
Chair: J. Ralston
1600-1630 Sebastian Kuhn ( ODU) Spin structure Functions of the Deuteron in CLAS
1630-1650 Eric Christy (Hampton) Recent Measurements of Longitudinal and Transverse Unpolarized Structure Functions, and Their Impact on Spin Asymmetry Measurements

Friday afternoon, April 19, 2002 -- Spin in Few Body Systems
Chair: J.P. Chen
1400-1430 W. Korsch (Kentucky) Spin Physics with He3
1430-1450 X. Zheng (MIT) Precision measurement of A1n at high x with He3
1450-1510 K. Kramer (W&M) Precision g2n measurement with He3
1510-1535 P. King (Maryland) Spin structure functions of the proton and deuteron from SLAC experiments E155 and E155x
1540-1600 Coffee
Chair: P. Bosted
1600-1640 W. Melnitchouk (Jefferson Lab) Deep Inelastic Scattering from Few Body Nuclei
1640-1700 M. Strikman (Penn State) for F. Bissey (Adelaide) Complete Analysis of Spin Structure Function g(1) of He3
1700-1730 Marc Beckmann (DESY) Recent Results on the Helicity Structure of the Nucleon from Hermes

Saturday morning, April 20, 2002 -- Plenary Session
Chair: TBA
0900-0945 Z. Meziani (Temple) Overview of Experiments using Polarized He3 and Deuteron Targets
0945-1030 G. Cates (Virginia) Spin structure functions of the neutron from SLAC experiments E142 and E154
1030-1115 Coffee Break
Chair: S. Liuti
1115-1200 M. Sargsian (FIU) Probing Short Range Dynamics in Exclusive Scattering
1200-1245 S. Drago (Ferrara) Theoretical Aspects of Transversity
1245-1330 Lunch Break

Saturday afternoon, April 20, 2002 -- Plenary Session
Chair: P. Kabir
1330-1415 A. Deshpande (BNL-Riken) Workshop Summary (Experimental)
1415-1500 M. Strikman (Penn State) Workshop Summary