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A Very Brief "Introduction to Nucleon Spin Physics":

Nucleon structure as revealed by polarized lepton (electrons, muons, neutrinos) scattering on polarized nuclei.


Cartoon of a nucleon. Click here to see more details

The quarks and gluons (= PARTONS) are confined inside the nucleon by the strong force. This force binds the partons more strongly a low energies than at high energies. At very high energies the partons behave like free particles, without interactions (asymptotic freedom).
To view an indicator of how asymptotic freedom sets in, click on the plot of alphaS. The plot displays the strong coupling constant as function of Q, the momentum transferred from the incident particle to the target.

RSS - Resonances Spin Structure (JLab E01-006)

Oscar A. Rondon, co-spokesman and proposal author.

SANE - Spin Asymmetries of the Nucleon Experiment (JLab E07-003)

Oscar A. Rondon, co-spokesman and contact.

RSS and SANE: Spin Physics in Hall C at JLab

(Talk at JLab's Workshop on Spin Structure at Long Distance  JLab, March 12 -13, 2009)

Nucleon Structure Studies with Polarized Photons and Nucleons
(Colloquium at UVA, April 7, 2006 - Nuclear Seminar 3/21/2006)

Measuring g1p in 7Li
Talk given at JLab 2000 Workshop on Physics Opportunities with 12 GeV Electrons,
JLAB, January 13-15, 2000, Session I - Hadrons in the Nuclear Medium)

DIS 2001 , Bologna, Italy

Oscar A. Rondon, "The transverse spin structure of the nucleon measured in SLAC experiments E155/E155x, Presentation in HTML format.

Workshop on "Testing QCD through Spin Observables in Nuclear Targets",

Charlottesville, VA April 18-20, 2002

Oscar A. Rondon, "Effective Nucleon Polarization in Polarized Targets", Abstract in pdf format, Presentation in HTML format 

Corrections to Spin Structure Asymmetries Measured in Nuclear Polarized Targets

Oscar A. Rondon

(Published in Phys. Rev. C60:035201,1999 )


The nucleon spin structure functions have been extracted from measurements of  asymmetries in deep inelastic scattering of polarized leptons on polarized nuclei \cite{EMC,E142,E143,SMC,E154,hermes,E155}. The polarized nuclei present in practical targets: H, $^2$H, ^3$He, $^{14}$N, $^{15}$N, $^6$Li and $^7$Li, are, with the exception of hydrogen, systems of bound nucleons, some of which can attain significant degrees of alignment. All the aligned nucleons contribute to the asymmetries. The contributions of each nuclear species to the asymmetry have to be carefully determined, before a reliable value for the net nucleon asymmetry is obtained. For this purpose, the spin component of the nuclear angular momentum for every nuclear state and the probability of each state have to be known with sufficient accuracy. In this paper I discuss the basic corrections used to estimate the contributions of the different nuclei, with emphasis on the A = 6 and 7 Li isotopes present in the Li$^2$H polarized target used during SLAC Experiment 155 to study the deuteron spin structure.

Full PostScript text.

Density of ammonia (NH3) and deuterated ammnonia (ND3) at cryogenic temperatures

Oscar A. Rondon

Density of ammonia at low temperatures (pdf)

Ian Fisk's UVA 4th. year Physics project paper

Ammonia Density Measurements (pdf)

The dilution factor for lithium deuteride target in SLAC E155.

This is a PostScript version of the (updated) transparencies on the subject presented at the E155 collaboration meeting at SLAC on 02/23/98:

 pdf version of LiD dilution factor

Neutron electric form factor GEn (JLab experiment E93-026)

GEn-related technical notes

 Angular dependence of asymmetry
 Sensitivity of asymmetry to approximations
 F.o.M. for GEp
 GEp,n by absolute cross sections
 Kinematics summary for GEn
 All GEn runs database DBF IV format
 Summary of hclog entries on shielding for GEn  Compressed PostScript: Download and print.
(Can be viewed/printed directly with GSview 2.5 or later, available from http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/gsview/)
Associated note on shielding configurations here .
Neutron Detector Lead Shield

GEn TN # 2000-10

AedV for all combinations of beam and target polarizations

Nitrogen correction to asymmetries measured on ammonia

The 15N correction to the measured asymmetries

SLAC Experiment 155x: transverse nucleon spin structure function

TN 2001-XX:

 Asymmetries in e-nucleon DIS Inclusive Polarized Scattering Including Electroweak Interference.


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