E-01-006: Resonances Spin Structure (RSS)

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Table of contents

E-01-006: Resonances Spin Structure (RSS)

Physics of E-01-006

Structure functions in DIS and in resonances

Duality: from partons to constituent quarks

A1, A2 in resonances

A2 in DIS

Duality for g1?

Duality for other structure functions?

Recent results in the resonances

How to get A1, A2

How to get A1, A2 (II)

How to get g1, g2

How to get ATT'

The E-01-006 approach (I)


E-01-006: high precision

E-01-006: expected results (proposal)

E-01-006: expected results (11/01)

The E-01-006 approach (II)

E-01-006 (II): expected results

Author: Oscar Rondon

E-mail: or@virginia.edu

Homepage: http://Galileo.phys.Virginia.EDU/~or/

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