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UVa Polarized Target Group Technical Notes

  • SPTG-TechNote-17001 UVA NMR System
  • SPTG-TechNote-17002 Making Solid Ammonia
  • SPTG-TechNote-17003 Making Crystallized Ammonia

    Group Theses

    UVa Masters and PhD Theses since 2000

    1. 2000 - The Spin Structure Function of the Proton from SLAC Experiment E155 by Paul McKee
    2. 2000 - Inclusive Nuclear Electromagnetic Response in the Quasielastic Region at Larg Momentum Transfer by Christopher Cothran
    3. 2000 - A Measurement of the Neutron Electric Form Facor in D(e,e'n)p Quas-elastic Scattering at Q^2=.5(GeV/c)^2 by Hongguo Zhu
    4. 2001 - Proton Coulomb Form Factor From Polarized e-p Scattering at Q^2 = 0.5 (GeV/c)^2 by Christopher Harris
    5. 2001 - Measurement of the Proton and Deuteron SPin Structure Functions g1 and g2 by Wiliam Tobias
    6. 2002 - A Precise Measurement of the Spin Structures Functions g(p,2) and g(d,2) from SLAC Experiment E155X by Dustin McNulty
    7. 2002 - The Spin Structure of the Proton in the Resonance Region by Renee Fatemi
    8. 2003 - A Simulation of an Experiment to Measure the Initial State Helicity Correlation in Wide Angle Compton Scattering by Justin Lane Wright (M.S.)
    9. 2004 - Measurement of the Spin Structure Function g1(x,Q^2) of the Proton in the Resonance Region by Yelena Prok
    10. 2004 - Monte-Carlo simulations of neutron detector performance by Slava Tkachenko (M.S.)
    11. 2006 - Studies and Measurements of Irradiated Solid Polarized Target Materials by Jonathan Mellor (M.S.)
    12. 2008 - Inclusive Electron Scattering from Nucei in the Quasielastic Region at Large Momentum Transfer by Nadia Fomin
    13. 2008 - Double Spin Asymmetry in Exclusive Pi Plus Electroproduction with CLAS by Josh Pierce
    14. 2010 - Measurement of the Longitudinal Spin Asymmetry of the Deuteron in the Resonance Region by Kangkang Li Kovacs
    15. 2010 - Measurements of F2 and R on Nuclear Targets in the Nucleon Resonance Region by Vahe Mamyan
    16. 2011 - Probing Proton Spin Structure: a Measurement of g2 at Four-momentum Transfer of 2 to 6 GeV^2 by James D. Maxwell
    17. 2012 - SANE's Measurement of the Proton's Virtual Photon Spin Asymmetry, A1p, at Large Bjorken x by Jonathan Mulholland
    18. 2013 - Short Range Correlations in Nuclei at Large xbj through Inclusive Quasi-Elastic Electron Scattering by Zhihong Ye
    19. 2018 - Measurements of Proton Electromagnetic Form Factors and Two-Photon Exchange in Elastic Electron-Proton Scattering by Mikhail Yurov
    20. 2018 - The Isospin Dependence of Short Range Correlations through Inclusive Electron Scattering from 40Ca and 48Ca by Dien Nguyen

    Non UVa Theses

  • 1998 - Inclusive Electron Scattering From Nuclei at x>1 and High Q^2 by John Arrington
  • 2002 - Probing the Transverse Spin of Quarks in Deep Inelastic Scattering by Alessandro Bacchetta

  • Background/Physics

  • Review article by D. Crabb and W. Meyer
  • The Virginia/Basel/SLAC polarized target: operation and performance during experiment E143 at SLAC
  • A Solid polarized target for high luminosity experiments
  • High precision measurement of the polarization in solid state polarized targets using NMR